IKA is one of the best academy in Gujarat. It not only gives stairs to study but encourage for extra activities. Our director Mr Ravi Patel is best Teacher who always encourage his students for study as well as to think something innovative and unique.


What is unique about this coaching institute program is that it not only teaches us to be excellent in academics but also to be excellent in doing different stuffs which helps us to live a life independently. They amplify our mind to do many things.


Learn, Educate, Grow. These three words means a lot to me. We learn here get real and helpful knowledge and grow as a huge tree. Our director Mr. Ravi Patel and Mr. Nikunj Patel helps us to get knowledge and encourage us to do innovative, creative and life learning lessons.


Family, Friends, our small world- These few words are known as “INFINITY”. Ravi sir is our Friend, guide teacher and our mentor. Whose guidance made me confident and to overcome the fear of exams.


What Ravi sir saw as a dream is coming to lime light. HE saw a seed of knowledge for everyone who is coming to this academy. Teachers here are not just our teachers but are our friends, life guide and so on. The uniqueness here is very unique. And this unique is helping to grow our institution’s charm. “Feeling proud to be an IKIAN””


Understanding the capability and guiding each and every one is institution’s motive. Which I found most appropriate for me. And I fill this is the best quality of the institute.


Improvement in all is the motive of the institute, and all the faculties make sure that we achieve our goals by our hard work and we succeed and excel in everything.


Teachers here teaches us in a way similar as playing of a game, that is making the education easier and student can study joyfully. Faculties here encourage us to achieve our goals.


This institute is not only for bookish knowledge, here we get knowledge which is not there in any book. Here teachers are like our friends who teach us to work in a smarter way. We all live as a family with each other.


IKA says it all. It means that there are infinitely many possible students can thing about facts apart it is a place best suited for a student to gain knowledge without mugging up. At last I would like to say thanks to our honourable founder Mr. Ravi Patel that he created all this in same landmark.


I came here with goal of achieving marks only, but later I got to know that I am in the right institute to achieve my goals. Our institute’s vision and mission is to work hard in a smarter way. In this institute we not only study but we study with fun as well as motivation. Here we enjoy studying. By coming here, I am confident about my bright future.


IKA is one of the best academic institution in Gujarat. It is one of its kind. Here a student not only excels in his/her studies and his academics but also learns something creative and mind boggling every day. Faculties here are very enthusiastic to provide students with their knowledge and clear their doubts. Our founder Mr. Ravi Patel is a teacher who not only teaches them about studies but also teaches us real life lessons. “One of its kind in one of its profession”


In our institution our faculties treat us as a family, especially our head Ravi sir converse directly with the students to overcome their hindrance in any situation weather it is education or personal. He not only teaches us just the lessons of our books but also gives us the lesson of life. It tries to provide varied and complex knowledge in simple way. He doesn’t treat all of us as students but as his own children and he really cares for us.


The main aim of our institute is to learn grow and educate, to get to achieve our dreams we get inspiration from here. They make us realize our abilities and clear all obstacles related to our life and carrier. To step out the whole staircase, just take the first step. That’s what I learned from this institute.


It is the best opportunity to get the admission in “Infinity Knowledge Academy”. My way of thinking has been changed about studies. It was looking more comfortable to clearing the concept here.


My way of studying is fully changed, it is going towards better to best side. When I join the Infinity Knowledge Academy, facility here are so co-operative they are directing us towards bright future.


I feel after joining “Infinity Knowledge Academy” my results are improved. The faculties here are very co-operative and are ready to solve our doubts at any time. Here the concept is to enjoy learning.


Thank you very much Nikunj sir, Ravi sir, Hasan sir, Kishan sir & Farida ma’am, your teaching helped me a lot and not only in 12th but will also help me for future. Also, a big thank you to all the non-teaching staff who constantly made iKA a wonderful place. Thank you once again.