11th Commerce Classes in Ahmedabad

If you are 10th pass out, 11th pass out, currently studying in 11th or 12th and if you are reading this article then you must be in search of good 11th and 12th Commerce Classes in Ahmedabad. We would like to present our classes to you and you can decide for yourself if our services are worth your money. 

11th classes are the foundation of your complete journey in the commerce field. If you do not study well in your 11th standard, you will not be able to shape your career rightly. 

As a responsible and leading class in Ahmedabad, we try to mould our teaching in such a way that every student will be able to grasp every concept easily. Because theory becomes boring and heavy to digest, we try to conceptualize the theoretical concepts, provide relevant practical problems so that they become easily digestible. 

IKAEDU provides NCERT for 11th and 12th commerce classes in Ahmedabad, our subjects include accountancy, BA/BST, stat and economics for both 11th and 12th tuitions

Accountancy :

Due to our simplified teaching methods, accounting becomes favourite subject for the students. Many IKAEDU students have earned excellent grades in Accounts. We make every effort to assist our students in achieving a perfect score on the Accounts Exam. For this, students are taught the fundamentals of each subject first, accompanied by plenty of questions to ensure that each topic is fully understood. Mock tests are given on a weekly basis. Students are given a question bank with plenty of unanswered questions that are answered during the Lectures. In addition, each lecture is backed up with plenty of video explanations. 


BST is a theoretical subject with minimal practical application. We offer BST tutoring that involves face-to-face lectures as well as daily Mock Exams. We organize doubt sessions and arrange mock tests in regular intervals of time. We have highly skilled teachers and they have good years of teaching experience.

Economics :

Economics is a Theoretical plus Practical subject. Both Economics and Commerce deal with development, various types of business enterprises, marketing, finance and banking, transportation, insurance, and a number of other topics. Although Commerce is concerned with how the current business world functions, Economics tries to understand why it functions the way it does. We try to teach our students in an interesting and practical manner so they they can easily connect their learnings to the world.

Statistics :

The science of collecting, organising, analysing, interpreting, and presenting numerical and categorical data is known as statistics. Actuarial Science, Applied Information Economics, Biostatistics, Business Statistics, Data Analysis, Demography, Econometrics, Energy Statistics, Engineering Statistics, Psychological Statistics, Social Statistics, and other specialised fields are included in the B.Com. (Statistics) degree programme. We will be covering all the topics in detail in our coaching. We take around 2 to 3 sessions of one hour per week on this subject. We also conduct a total of 30 to 50 tests. 

Accountancy :

Accountancy is thought to be one of the most important subjects for students in Commerce. This subject can definitely improve your overall score.  Accounts must be practised and revised on a regular basis. Ikaedu is the most recommended 11th and 12th commerce classes in ahmedabad. The institute's staff has a cumulative experience of more than ten years. Because of IkaEdu's ease of use, accounting has become a common topic among students. Many Ikaedu students have earned perfect grades in Accounts. We make every effort to assist our students in obtaining a perfect score on the Accounts Test.